Krasimira Necheva –  Secretary General

  1. The Secretary General is appointed by the Minister and provides the administrative leadership of the Ministry.
  2. The Secretary General coordinates and supervises the administrative units to strictly adhere to the regulations and the legal orders of the Minister by:

2.1. assuming responsibility for the processes of planning and accountability in the implementation of the annual goals of the administration;

2.2. organising, directing, coordinating, controlling, reporting and assuming responsibility before the Minister for the activities and the fulfilment of the tasks of the administration;

2.3. organising the distributing to the administrative units of the Ministry the tasks to be implemented, and may issue orders thereto;

2.4. organising the interdepartmental work of the administration, and may issue orders thereto;

2.5. coordinating and controlling the activities in relation to the use and management of the state property, given to the Ministry;

2.6. creating conditions for normal and efficient operation of the units in the Ministry;

2.7. carrying out general control over the fulfilment of the tasks assigned;

2.8. liaising with the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers;

2.9. approving the employees’ job descriptions;

2.10. organising the work with proposals and signals in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VIII of the Administrative Procedure Code.

The Minister may, by written order, assign other functions and tasks to the Secretary General.