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Effectiveness, transparency and benefits for business and society. These are the three main principles we follow in our work.

Our main priority is to create the necessary conditions for stable tourism growth in the Republic of Bulgaria and to carry out the country's tourism policy in a lawful and advisable way. We set goals that lead to a more competitive economy with a high value added and a better quality of life for the Bulgarian people.

The foundations of the country's tourism development are sustainable production, increased productivity and competitiveness, that is based on advanced technologies, innovation and modern industrial policies. We develop both traditional sectors and sectors with potential for future global growth in order to create sustainable industrial clusters. We create a less bureaucratic, investment-friendly environment, with simple and transparent procedures for business and effective management in the benefit of entrepreneurs.


The mission of the Ministry of Tourism (MT) is to pursue a clear and transparent tourism policy protecting the state and the public interest on the basis of the European Union principles. MT will work for positioning Bulgaria as a well known and preferred year-round tourist destination with clearly identifiable national identity, authentic culture and nature, occupying a leading place among the tourist destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. MT efforts will be focused on the development of specialised types of tourism, improving the quality of the national tourism product and its competitiveness, and attracting more tourists.


Our strategic goal is to strengthen the competitiveness and efficiency of the tourism sector in Bulgaria through the optimal use of available natural and anthropogenic resources, in line with market requirements and consumer expectations for sustainable tourism development:

  • Diversification of the national tourism product by developing integrated and distinctive tourism products for different categories of tourists resulting from the natural priorities of Bulgaria;
  • Promoting quality services and protecting the rights and safety of consumers;
  • Ensuring effective coordination between the institutions and integrating tourism into related sectoral policies; Interacting with the tourist business;
  • Making Bulgaria a recognised leader in the tourist development of the EU and the region and building a positive attitude towards our country among the target groups;
  • Raising the level of awareness for Bulgaria as a country of rich opportunities for summer and winter holidays, of ancient culture, rich in historical and architectural monuments, mineral resources and beautiful and preserved nature, as a destination that offers security and tranquillity to its guests;
  • Making effective national marketing aimed at positioning and promoting Bulgaria as a year-round tourist destination, agreed with sectoral organisations and major tour operators working at target markets for Bulgaria through targeted messages to different markets aimed at the target groups.
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