Minister Miloshev met with tour guides regarding the CPC decision

12 June 2024

The Minister of Tourism Evtim Miloshev held an official meeting with the associations of tour guides, in relation to the existing regulatory framework, which determines the requirements for the exercise of the tour guide profession and the recommendations given by the decision of 9 May 2024 of the Commission for Protection of Competition.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Association of Tour Guides in Bulgaria, the Union of Tourist Guides in Bulgaria — Varna and the Southeast Union of Tourist Guides ‘Vanya Raykova — Burgas’.

Minister Miloshev stressed that the guiding profession is extremely important for the quality of the Bulgarian tourism product and the promotion of our country as a tourist destination.

‘You, the professional tourist guides, are the ambassadors of destination Bulgaria to the world and your mission is to defend the national interests while staying true to the facts about our culture and history. The correct interpretation of the facts and information about Bulgaria and the tourist sites, which a tour guide presents to our guests, directly influences our image and the sustainable development of Bulgarian tourism’, Minister Miloshev stressed, addressing the representatives of the profession.

The Ministry of Tourism supports the tour guides and will form a working group with the participation of representatives of the branch organisations to review and analyse the existing legislation related to the exercise of the profession of tour guide and its improvement.

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