Nearly 1,500 signatures have ensured the smooth running of the tourist sites for the current summer season

14 June 2024

Minister Miloshev coordinated all programmes for the organisation of water rescue activities on Bulgarian beaches.

By the Decree of the Council of Ministers of 4 June 2024, adopted on the proposal of Minister Miloshev, the concessionaires and tenants of sea beaches were given the opportunity to conduct the summer season in peace, as they had programmed and prepared it in their programs. In this regard, with haste and responsibility, by 7 June 2024, Minister Miloshev coordinated all submitted programs of the sea beaches, laying nearly 1,500 signatures, which will allow the normal and peaceful operation of tourist sites during the current summer season.

In addition to the water rescue programmes, Minister Miloshev also coordinated the schemes for the placement of movable objects and facilities on the beach area, thus ensuring their lawful use.

All the backlogged documents from the beginning of the year have been processed and duly served on the interested parties. The organisation of work in the Ministry of Tourism, which Minister Miloshev established, aims precisely at timely and fast processing of the files. Concessionaires and beach tenants, all operators in the tourism sector, including representative associations, and all members of the public are given the opportunity to address the Minister's office directly with questions, views and opinions.

In addition to the activities related to the sea beaches, Minister Miloshev also paid special attention to the acceleration of all procedures for the processing of documents for the categorization of tourist sites and for all other types of regulation of activities and professions in the tourism sector.

Minister Miloshev signed 46 updated certificates with the determined type and category of accommodation and catering and entertainment establishments, in connection with changes in the circumstances of legal entities engaged in tourism activities and registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency, as well as 98 temporary certificates for categorization and certification of tourist facilities. It is expected that 20 new accommodation and catering establishments will be opened after Minister Miloshev signed an order to open a procedure for their categorization.

The administration of the Ministry of Tourism makes every effort to be of benefit to the citizens and the tourism sector and to resolve pressing issues within its competence. We wish everyone a successful summer season.

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