1. Organising the work of the Cabinet of the Minister, participating in the meetings led by the head of the political cabinet of the Prime Minister, and working in coordination with the political cabinets of the other members of the Council of Ministers;
  2. Preparing the weekly work programme of the Minister in relation to her visits, trips and meetings and coordinating the preparation of reports and materials needed for the Minister’s meetings and international participations;
  3. Liaising with other members of the Cabinet and representatives of state bodies and local authorities, political and social organisations and citizens.





  1. Organising the Minister’s relations with the National Assembly, parliamentary groups, permanent and ad hock committees of the National Assembly and the political parties, and representing the Minister before them;
  2. Performing his basic functions by:
  1. providing materials resulting from the activities of the National Assembly and its committees;
  2. providing the necessary information to the people’s representatives and parliamentary groups;
  3. coordinating, participating and supervising the preparation of the answers related to parliamentary control;
  4. monitoring the bills from the stage at the level of the working group to their submission to the National Assembly, informing the Minister of any proposals for amendments to the draft legislation relating to the sector and assisting in the elimination of the problems encountered.