Yonka Evtimova – Head of the Inspector


  1. The Inspectorate is directly subordinate to the Minister and supports the implementation of her control functions in the conduct of public policy by exercising administrative control over the activities of the organisational structures, administrative units and employees in the Ministry.
  2. The Inspectorate carries out inspections based on an annual plan approved by the Minister, and unscheduled inspections based on an order determined in the Internal Rules of Procedure of the respective unit, approved by the Minister.
  3. In performing its functions, the Inspectorate is guided by the principles of legality, loyalty, honesty, impartiality, political neutrality, responsibility and accountability.
  4. The activities of the Inspectorate are aimed at clarifying the investigated issues comprehensively, objectively and accurately and proposing measures to resolve them.
  5. The Inspectorate performs its control functions by:
  1. assisting the Minister in respect of the implementation of the measures resulting from the annual programmes for the implementation of the Integrated Strategy for preventing and combating corruption and organized crime;
  2. exercising supervision on the basis of the Law on Prevention and Disclosure of Conflict of Interest, and proposing concrete actions to the Minister;
  3. carrying out activities related to monitoring, prevention and detection of corruption acts, including acts of fraud and irregularities in the Ministry; assessing the corruption risk;
  4. considering and carrying out checks on signals for corrupt acts and other violations, illegal or improper actions or inactions of employees in the Ministry and preparing a report on the results; analysing the causes and conditions for the established violations and proposing measures for their elimination; preparing and sending responses to senders of signals;
  5. analysing the effectiveness of the inspected sites and providing an assessment of the performance of the inspected site when carrying out inspections;
  6. maintaining a register of the declarations under Article 12 of the Law on Prevention and Disclosure of Conflict of Interest in respect of the administrative staff;
  7. performing other activities ensuing from regulatory acts or assigned by the Minister in connection with administrative control.


1. In carrying out his/her functions, the official of the Inspectorate has the right to request from the inspected persons documents, data, information, records and other data carriers necessary to carry out inspections; the employees in the Ministry are required to cooperate fully with the inspector in carrying out his/her functions.

2. The Inspectorate submits an annual report on its overall activities during the year to the Minister.