Sashka Dicheva – Director

  1. Applying national budgetary policy and budgetary legislation;
  2. Providing financial, accounting, budgetary and economic activities to the administration in accordance with the Accounting Act, the State Property Act, the Financial Management and Control in the Public Sector Act, the Public Finance Act and the legislation governing the budgetary policy of the Ministry as a primary spending unit of budgetary and targeted funds and spending unit of funds under international programmes;
  3. Participating in the management of the budgetary resources of the Ministry in accordance with the principles of legality, sparing use of resources, efficiency, effectiveness and visibility by:
  1. Monitoring compliance with financial and budgetary discipline;
  2. Carrying out a proper formulation of primary and secondary accounting documents and recording them in a timely manner in the accounting records;
  3. Applying the double signature system in terms of undertaking commitments and incurring costs;
  1. Servicing payments and transit accounts of the Ministry as primary spending unit of budgetary funds in the Single Account;
  2. Analysing, approving and distributing, through the Single Account, the cost limit of the Ministry;
  3. Preparing monthly and quarterly reports on the cash execution of the budget, accounts of funds from the European Union and accounts of external funds, ensuring their timely presentation to the relevant institutions;
  4. Preparing the annual report of the Ministry;
  5. Developing the draft annual budget and medium-term budget forecast of the Ministry according to the regulatory framework and the instructions of the Ministry of Finance in the programme format;
  6. Organising, developing and compiling detailed lists of investment programmes and documentation for the capital expenditure budget of the Ministry;
  7. Taking responsibility for the proper management, maintenance and use of the property of the Ministry, organising and conducting annual inventories in due time;
  8. Ensuring the maintenance of movable and immovable property owned by the State and managed by the Ministry by organising and carrying out repairs and overhauls;
  9. Organising and carrying out total technical support and logistics for the units in the Ministry of Transport, organisational equipment, consumables and stock;
  10. Taking responsibility for the supply, storage, management and use of inventory;
  11. Participating in organising and coordinating the activities related to public procurement by:
  1. participating in planning and reporting of public procurement;
  2. monitoring and accounting for compliance with procedural rules and limits regarding the recovery of performance guarantees on contracts;
  3. keeping a register of contracts concluded;
  4. monitoring compliance with the terms and sending, including electronically, to the Executive Director of the Public Procurement Agency the information on completed and terminated public contracts under Article 5(1), point 10 of the Implementing Regulations of the Public Procurement Act, adopted by Decree № 150 of the Council of Ministers of 2006 (prom. SG No 53 of 2006; as amended, No 84 of 2007, Nos 3 and 93 of 2009, No 86 of 2010, No 27 of 2011, No 17 of 2012; corrected, No 20 of 2012; as amend, No 104 of 2014);
  1. Ensuring the functioning and maintenance of security and access control systems, as well as maintenance and repair of fire detection and extinguishing systems;
  2. Organising and providing good sanitation in the administrative buildings of the Ministry and the adjacent areas;
  3. Participating in the maintenance and administration of the security and access regime in the buildings of the Ministry;
  4. Activities related to the financial and economic situation of the commercial companies, their annual financial statements, monitoring and control of their activities carried out in coordination with the Directorate for Administrative and Legal Services and Human Resources.