1. Organising the implementation of the information policy of the Ministry in line with the Communication Strategy and the principles of access to public information;
  2. Proposing and coordinating public appearances of the Minister, Deputy Ministers and officials of the Ministry, bringing them into line with the head of the political cabinet;
  3. Planning the long-term media policy for building the public image of the Minister and the Ministry;
  4. Proposing public opinion polls for the purpose of planning an adequate media policy in a given field;
  5. Coordinating the organisation of seminars, discussions and round tables;
  6. Coordinating media relations in order to provide complete and accurate information about the activities of the Minister and the Ministry in the public domain;
  7. Coordinating the development of information materials on the activities of the Ministry in the field of tourism (newsletters, media monitoring, information, communications);
  8. Organising and conducting periodic and specialised meetings and press-conferences to highlight the results of the activities of the Ministry in the field of tourism, and coordinating the preparation of publications on this topic;
  9. Monitoring and analysing media publications related to tourism; organising and maintaining an archive of media publications and audio-visual materials related to the activities in the field of tourism, and topics related to tourism;
  10. Coordinating the preparation of the Minister’s responses in relation to parliamentary control;
  11. Coordinating the publication of information on the website of the Ministry;
  12. Working in coordination with the Directorate for State Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case of state visits, as well as with the units for Public Relations and Protocol in the administration of the President, the Directorate for Government Information Service in the administration of the Council of Ministers and other ministries and departments.