Veselin Dzhelatov – Director

  1. Assisting the Minister in her functions related to the implementation of projects for the development of tourism at national, regional and local level, including the construction and development of infrastructure related to tourism;
  2. Developing, organising, coordinating and managing the implementation of programmes and projects funded by the EU in the field of tourism;
  3. Keeping a register of the contracts concluded under the Operational Programme “Regional Development” 2007 – 2013;
  4. Developing and updating a system of criteria and indicators for monitoring and conducting monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of programmes and projects in tourism;
  5. Implementing the Ministry’s activities for developing projects and participating in the development, assessment, monitoring and supervising of the implementation of programmes and projects in the field of tourism, financed by the European Union and international organisations;
  6. Participating in the development of forecasts and the budget estimates of the Ministry, as well as in the implementation of programmes from the programme budget of the Ministry in view of its functional competence.