Ani Haralambieva  – Director

  1. Organising marketing research of basic and promising markets for the Bulgarian tourism product to serve as a basis for the development of advertising and communication campaigns, and studies in the field of tourism advertising and effectiveness analyses;
  2. Developing and implementing the annual programme for national advertising in the country and abroad, preparing and submitting to the Minister a report on the cost-effectiveness in implementing the programme for national advertising for the previous year;
  3. Organising the participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in international tourism exhibitions, fairs and events related to tourism;
  4. Organising fact-finding missions for foreign journalists and visits of foreign tour operators and travel agents to the country;
  5. Organising the preparation of promotional materials (print advertising, audio-visual advertising, object and spatial advertising) showing Bulgaria as an attractive tourist destination;
  6. Participating in the preparation, maintaining and updating the official website of the Bulgarian tourism on the Internet, promoting and popularising the website;
  7. Developing and implementing communication campaigns on targeted and promising foreign markets, as well as campaigns targeted at the domestic market;
  8. Assisting in the development of the national tourism network of tourist information centres;
  9. Providing methodological support to regional and local structures in the setting up of information systems;
  10. Assisting tourist associations and companies for promotion of their tourist products;
  11. Ensuring the operation of the National Tourist Information Centre;
  12. Ensuring the dissemination of information materials, brochures, catalogues and other carriers of information;
  13. Analysing the results of market research and the implementation of the annual programme for national advertising;
  14. Participating in the development of forecasts and the budget estimates of the Ministry, as well as in the implementation of programmes from the programme budget of the Ministry in view of its functional competence.

The Directorate for Marketing, Advertising and Information in Tourism carries out the activities from point 2 to point 12 in coordination with the Directorate for Public Relations and Protocol and the Directorate for International Cooperation and Investment in Tourism.