Maya Nikovska – Director General

Directorate General “Tourist Policy” develops the policies in the field of tourism as follows:

  1. develops and updates the strategy for tourism development and short-term concepts and programmes;
  2. coordinates and takes part along with other government bodies in the development of draft legislative acts concerning the status and management of the national resorts;
  3. coordinates the activity for the integration of tourism with other sectors of the national economy;
  4. participates in the development of legislative acts in the field of tourism and prepares opinions on draft legislative acts related to the development of tourism;
  5. supports the activities on the creation of regulations concerning the status and management of the national resorts;
  6. supports the minister in activities related to organization and coordination of the tourist product quality control;
  7. takes part in the development of the forecasts and draft budget of the Ministry and in the implementation of the Ministry budget programmes thanks to its functional competence;
  8. maintains an Integrated Tourist Information System as a single electronic database; collects, processes, stores and updates data for the Integrated Tourist Information System, including for the Register of Tourist Attractions.

Directorate General “Tourist Policy” consists of two departments and has territorial units in Blagoevgrad, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Turnovo, Vidin, Kazanlak, Ruse and Smolyan.