MESSAGE FROM THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM - Bulgaria welcomes tourists from 46 countries as of July 16th, 2020 without the 14-day quarantine

17 July 2020


For tourism purposes, without a 14-day quarantine, tourists from 46 countries can arrive in Bulgaria

From July 16, 2020, the Republic of Bulgaria welcomes tourists from 46 countries in accordance with Order № RD-01-405 / 15.07.2020, of the Minister of Health.

Through all border checkpoints on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, for the tourism purposes without undergoing a 14-day quarantine and without the need to provide a document demonstrating a negative result of an analysis by the method of polymerase chain reaction to test for COVID-19 (PCR Test), persons can arrive from:

  1. The Republic of Austria;
  2. The Kingdom of Netherlands;
  3. The Federal Republic of Germany;
  4. The Republic of Poland;      
  5. The Hellenic Republic;     
  6. The Kingdom of Denmark;
  7. Romania;
  8. The Republic of Estonia;
  9. The Slovak Republic;   
  10. The Republic of Slovenia;   
  11. Hungary;      
  12. The Republic of Finland;  
  13. The Republic of Cyprus;
  14. The French Republic;    
  15. The Republic of Latvia;
  16. The Republic of Croatia;   
  17. The Republic of Lithuania;
  18. The Czech Republic;
  19. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  20. Iceland;
  21. The Kingdom of Norway;
  22. The Principality of Liechtenstein;
  23. The Swiss Confederation;
  24. The Republic of San Marino;
  25. The Principality of Andorra;
  26. The Principality of Monaco;
  27. The Vatican City State;
  28. The Republic of Malta
  29. The Italian Republic
  30. The Kingdom of Spain
  31. The Republic of Ireland;
  32. The Kingdom of Belgium;
  33. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  34. The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
  35. The Commonwealth of Australia
  36. Canada
  37. Georgia
  38. Japan
  39. The Kingdom of Morocco
  40. New Zealand
  41. The Republic of Rwanda
  42. The Republic of Korea
  43. The Kingdom of Thailand
  44. The Republic of Tunisia
  45. The Oriental Republic of Uruguay
  46. Ukraine

The list is subject to update and addition depending on the development of the epidemic situation.

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