Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

It was built in 1962 and is a digged in the ground pseudo-basilica with size of 15.60 x 31.20 m.

The bell tower is 19 meters high and has 5 bells. It has a hexagonal  shape and was built of hewn stones taken from the ruined wall of Ruschushkata fortress. Near the walls of the belfry are located memorials of two English officers who died during the Crimean War when England fought on the side of Turkey against Russia.

In the Temple porch are situated graves of four bishops from Dorostolo-Cheervien eparchy - Gregory, Basil, Michael and Sophrony. The area around the "Holy Trinity" church were used as Christian cemetery in the past and there are still several reserved tombstones.

The Cathedral is declared as a cultural monument of national significance in 1983.

Availability for visits: yes

Transport accessibility: Informational signs

Tourist infrastructure: yes