Tourist information center - Velingrad

Address: Svoboda Square, Velingrad, Pazardjik Region

Tel: +359 359 58401

Fax: +359 359 58451




Monday-Friday: 08:00-18:00

Saturday-Sunday: 09:00-17:00

Services available:

The scope of activities of OP "Tourist Information Centre - Velingrad" includes information services, active marketing and advertising of the tourist product and exhibiting the tourist sites of Velingrad as destination at national and international tourism fairs.

The Center performs also the following activities and services:

1. Management, operation and maintenance of the building of the information center;

2. Organization and management of activities related to the tourism product on the territory of the municipality, including: information and guide services to tourists; entertainment services in an on municipal property – the Kleptuza Lake, parks, etc.; tourist exhibitions, fairs and presentations, hiking, cultural, Folklore, environmental, informative, event and other actions in compliance with the legal status of the entity;

3. Promotion of the cooperation among institutions, organizations and other structures in the sphere of tourism;

4. Carrying out activities in compliance with the regulations about tourist information centers and the Tourism Act;

5. Provision of facilities and premises and / or parts thereof for rent or to use against payment;

6. Organization and conducting of courses, seminars, cocktails and commercial presentations against payment;

7. Organization of the activities of legal and natural persons operating on the territory of the Information Centre, including paid ones: technical services, advertising and promotional materials and other support activities related to the customer services;

8. Development and realization of the center as a representative of the Velingrad Municipality for project proposals in partnership with other institutions, NGOs, representatives of small and medium businesses;

9. Taking over the activity to represent the municipality and the business on the territory of the Velingrad Municipality in conducting formal meetings and events, welcoming guests, delegations etc. OP "TIC" organizes and coordinates the production of advertising and information materials and carries out the advertising about Velingrad as a tourist destination;

10. Update and maintain current information on websites of municipality Velngrad and other organizations;

11. Creation and update of a database, lists and other format of the information on economic sectors of the municipality.