“Rethinking tourism”: Celebrating the 42nd World Tourism Day – 27 September

27 September 2022

Address by the Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov, PhD





I congratulate you on the special occasion for all of us dedicated to the cause, World Tourism Day - September 27, which we celebrate for the 42nd time under the auspices of the UN World Tourism Organization!

After almost two years of difficulties, today we find ourselves in a time of change, of rise and of rethinking - rethinking values, rethinking how to approach the realization of modern tourism in a digital age and the creation of a successful tourism product that will bring us back to normality.

“Rethinking tourism” - this year, the UN World Tourism Organization has not accidentally set this leitmotif as a key and coded message to understand the processes taking place at the global level.

I would like to wish all of you who have dedicated your lives to the cause of tourism development, fortitude, creativity and a lot of courage to overcome difficulties and realize your goals and plans.

I can assure you that we, for our part, as a ministry and a caretaker cabinet, are doing our utmost to help the sector, to prepare the necessary legal frameworks and to implement the crisis policies that do not tolerate delay and require decisive measures. We are helping, despite the extraordinary events that the year 2022 has brought us, to take modern tourism to a new level and to establish brand Bulgaria as a synonym of beauty, security, diversity of the tourist product and a unique experience throughout the year.

There is something else that will give us the key to success. When we talk about brand Bulgaria, rethinking tourism, we should also rethink our behaviour towards it; rethink our attitude towards everything that surrounds us. Because if we ourselves do not become the biggest advocates and defenders of our own product and work, we will not succeed and we will not be able to convince others that Bulgaria is a destination worth choosing. I am convinced that the only way to succeed in the long term is to work with heart and commitment, and for the state and business to be partners in this endeavour.

In rethinking tourism, let us also not forget that it is first and foremost an entertainment industry, where good cheer and good news, hospitality, positivity and a smile are of the highest value.

Beyond the numbers, data and analysis, following the motto “Rethinking Tourism”, there is much, much more to do... to live in the digital age and to do what is necessary to promote Bulgaria as a global destination with culture and natural riches that can only make us proud. A country that can claim to be one of the cradles of civilisation, with the world’s oldest worked gold having an anniversary this year. A country that has the oldest history in Europe and has given birth to one of the world’s languages. A destination that can offer abundant riches - second in the number of mineral springs, with the hottest geyser in Europe and many ambitions to develop this segment in the context of wellness and health tourism, and third in cultural and historical sites on the old continent after Italy and Greece. An intersection of majestic mountains, a sea with golden sandy beaches and an almost magical healing climate. A land where you can adventure, actively rest, play sports or be a bohemian who enjoys delicious culinary delights, wine tourism, rich festival and city life, be a modern digital nomad or go back in time and immerse yourself in history.

I wish you ambition and courage to realize the most desirable for yourself, and all of us together to turn our beautiful homeland into a better place to live, a dream destination for tourism and rest for more and more tempted tourists and travellers!

Stay healthy!

Happy celebration!



Minister of Tourism

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