Prime Ministers Borisov and Medvedev expressed readiness for active tourism partnership between Bulgaria and Russia

05 March 2019

Minister Angelkova at the Bulgarian-Russian Business Forum: Thanks to the support from the government, the sector has seen significant growth

Bulgaria is pursuing a peaceful foreign policy to attract more tourists. This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov at the opening of the Bulgarian-Russian business forum in the field of tourism, organized by the Ministry of Tourism. The conference was also attended by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria Nikolina Angelkova, Maxim Oreshkin, the Minister of Economic Development of Russia, MPs, representatives of local authorities and business from both countries. There were more than 200 participants in the bilateral forum.

Prime Minister Borisov stressed that Bulgaria has very good conditions to offer in the field of historical, cultural and religious tourism. „Despite the difficult international relations, we have managed to keep the good tone that allows us to develop our relations to the maximum”, he said with regard to the partnership with the Russian side.

According to Borisov, there are already visa centers in 59 cities in Russia since February 1st, which will make it easier for tourists. He added that with his colleague Medvedev they discussed the ferry connection between Burgas and Novorossiysk, which can be very useful for tourists as well as for Russian citizens with real estates in Bulgaria.

„We are discussing with the Minister of Tourism and the Association of Municipalities to make an accurate account in order to respond to international competition and to support the industry. Russian athletes are constantly being trained in our facilities”, he added. The PM explained that Bulgaria will try to be even more flexible, as tourists pay attention to both price and service, quality of food and security. The country's balanced foreign policy also gives us a great deal of security of residence. During the meeting between the two Prime Ministers they discussed the possibilities for the development of children's tourism, which also has great potential, it became clear from his words.

Dmitry Medvedev emphasizes that tourism between the two countries is at a very good level and about half a million tourists from Russia visit Bulgaria every year. „The good tourist infrastructure, the reasonable price, the climate, the safety are the most attractive for Russian tourists. In short, all the conditions for a good and complete holiday, including with children, have been created here”, the Russian Prime Minister said. He added that a large-scale project was implemented has been implementing in his country, which envisages visa facilitation for tourists from all countries.

In the four years since the establishment of the independent Ministry of Tourism, and thanks to the government of Boyko Borisov, tourism has reported a 31% increase in international tourists and a 34% increase in revenues from international tourism, said the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova at the opening of the forum.

She added that Bulgaria has always been one of the most preferred and safe countries for Russian tourists, and traditions and relations between the two countries in the industry are stable and have a rich perspective. The linguistic and historical proximity of the two peoples are a prerequisite for more Russian tourists, with the Bulgarian state making efforts to ensure the best conditions for them, she said.

Maxim Oreshkin, Russian Minister for Economic Development, said bilateral cultural relations would focus on niche markets. Bulgaria can find a place in it and distinguish itself from its competitors, he added. The Russian Minister also expressed readiness for institutions and businesses to work together to overcome the lag in mutual tourist flow, which is directly linked to the quotations of the two national currencies.

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