Over 260 sea beach inspections have been carried out

15 August 2022

Since the start of the 2022 summer season, the number of on-site inspections of beaches carried out by the Ministry of Tourism teams is 261, with no serious problems identified. So far, 81 warnings have been sent to tenants and concessionaires in connection with the violations found. 16 penalties have been imposed for repeated breaches of contractual obligations.

Since the beginning of the summer season, 5 administrative offence acts have been issued under the Black Sea Coast Planning Act.

As of 15 August 2022, the number of protected sea beaches with concession and lease agreements for the 2022 summer season is 137. Of these, 88 have been awarded a concession and 49 have been leased.

There are 94 unprotected sea beaches, 3 are beaches for nature tourism.

The Directorate for Control and Inspection Activity continuously carries out comprehensive control over the fulfillment of the obligations of the concessionaires and tenants under the current concession and lease agreements for the sea beaches. Control shall also be exercised over the unprotected sea beaches referred to in Article 7, paragraph 7 of the Black Sea Coast Planning Act, as well as on marine beaches for nature tourism or their adjacent water area.  

Both planned and unannounced inspections are carried out, initiated following publications in the media or alerts.  

The schedule of planned on-site inspections for 2022 has been approved by the Minister of Tourism. There are two planned at each beach, and unscheduled ones are regularly carried out. To date, some beaches have been inspected more than twice. In addition to the implementation of the schedule approved by the Minister, control inspections are being carried out to remedy the infringements already identified.

Additional information:

The Ministry’s teams ensure the provision of mandatory activities, including water rescue and securing of the adjacent water area, health and medical care and sanitary maintenance.

The Statement of Inspections must include the presence of signage, compliance with the obligations to ensure unrestricted and free access to the beach, the area provided for free placement, which should not be less than 50% of the active beach area, as well as the areas for paid accessories.

Compliance with the requirement that relocatable sites and facilities (for health, medical and sanitary services, for water rescue and sports and recreational activities, for fast food and for the maintenance of the sea beach) should not occupy a total area of more than 2% of the sea beach, as well as the non-admission of relocatable sites and facilities beyond those agreed in the scheme.

Other general obligations, such as ensuring access for people with disabilities, preventing illegal construction, and protecting natural landmarks, must also be reflected in the Statement of Inspections.

In the event of irregularities, depending on the contractual provisions, letters shall be sent with a time limit for rectifying the irregularities, invitations for voluntary performance, penalties shall be imposed and, if necessary, the competent authorities shall be informed.

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