Nikolina Angelkova: Bulgaria will be promoted to the world through its cultural and historical routes

08 January 2015

The status of infrastructure in winter resorts and the facilitated access to them were among the topics, which we discussed with business and local government. This was announced by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova after a consecutive   meeting held in Pamporovo with representatives of the tourism industry and supervisory authorities in the sector. Angelkova stressed that easing visa regime for tourists from key markets such as Turkey, Russia, etc. was also among the important topics being discussed as they were raised by the industry, and noted that activities regarding unifying the administrative procedures in the consular posts and exported visa centers have been initiated. The possibilities for providing more charter flights to the country were also concerned. Further  establishment of Tourism Infrastructure and Tourist  Attractions National Fund will assist in resolving the issue, as it will provide funds for projects of public infrastructure, water treatment plants, sign-plates, and etc., which could not be funded thorough other sources.

Change in the concept of advertising Bulgaria as a year-round destination is one of the main aims of the Ministry; it became clear from the words of Angelkova. She reported that the positioning of our country in 2015 will focus on the cultural and historical routes, and on the specifics of winter and summer tourism, whose differences have never been emphasized.

The Minister announced that there will be also a change and the vision of national stands presenting Bulgaria to the international tourism exhibitions, as the focus will be placed on the specific cultural and historical routes that Bulgaria can offer to tourists.

Angelkova draw attention to the idea of the so-called "celebrity tours", in which famous persons will visit our country and promote our tourist attractions to the world. These ideas and opportunities will be discussed at the upcoming National Tourism Council, which is scheduled to take place in two weeks. The branch and all concerned  institutions will discuss the presentation of which specific routes and attractions  will be used to launch the plan for the new positioning of Bulgaria as a tourist destination.

Angelkova Minister expressed satisfaction from the busy winter resorts and small number of the administrative violations in the categorization of the tourist sites concluded by the control authorities.

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