The Ministry of Tourism and the business will popularize the vouchers for tourist services

13 July 2022

Minister Hristo Prodanov had a working meeting with representatives of the tourist organizations and the Association of Food Voucher Operators. “Over the next few weeks, we will launch a campaign advertising the possibility to use the food vouchers for tourist services among the consumers and the employers. 1,2 billion levs is allocated for vouchers and even if one fourth of them is used by people for tourist services, it will be a serious support for this industry”, said Minister Prodanov.  

Upon the update of the state budget for 2022, the food vouchers can be used for the payment of tourist services in accordance with the Tourism Act. “We need to be active in the promotions of vouchers because it is a good opportunity for stimulating the internal tourism. Out ambition is to show that vouchers can be useful for Bulgarian tourists and the business in order to include them in the next budget as well”, added Minister Prodanov. It also became clear at this meeting that there is a huge interest from hotel and restaurant managers and tourist service providers.

The food vouchers can now be used to pay for services in accordance with the Tourism Act – accommodation, food and transport, health, SPA and wellness services as well as services related to trips, entertainment, sport and recreation, events and other activities of cultural and educational nature, congresses and business events and other services offered and used by tourists during their journey and stay.

All the tourist service providers that have been registered to perform trading activities on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and have also been registered under the VAT act, can sign a service contract with an operator of food vouchers.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister Irena Georgieva and representatives of the Bulgarian Association of Balneological and SPA Tourism, the Guest Houses Association, the Bulgarian Association of Establishments, the Future for Tourism Association, the Alliance of Tourist Industry in Bulgaria, the Tourism Association, the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Tour Agents, Rafael – Info, Culture and Tourism Association and the Association of Food Voucher Operators in Bulgaria.

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