Minister Zaritza Dinkova: EU countries must show that tourism is more than a service, it is also diplomacy

26 November 2023

Minister Dinkova was among the speakers at the first International Tourism Forum in Italy, focusing on peace and security


Minister of Tourism Zaritza Dinkova was among the keynote speakers at the first International Tourism Forum in Italy, focusing on peace and security and realized under the patronage of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The Bulgarian Minister's theses on the role and future of tourism were supported by her EU colleagues. Dinkova once again defended Bulgaria's entry into Schengen and outlined the prospects for the sector. ‘Solidarity is of core importance. This is the model of our common success in the sector. Let us focus on what binds us together and act united. Together in Schengen, the Eurozone, the expansion of the single European market. Our history is interconnected, our future is interdependent,’ Dinkova stressed.

In her words, tourism is a very effective tool for influence and positioning, for building on a country's military and economic strength through so-called soft diplomacy. ‘There is no tourism without peace and security. Capturing people's hearts with authenticity, culture, archaeology, cuisine — that is real power. The power of tourism. We need to build on our national brands, but also work towards creating combined products, to increase the attractiveness of the EU as a brand in an increasingly competitive global environment,’ Minister Dinkova said. She was adamant that the development of a sustainable tourism product is not only a matter of national or local policy, but also of international partnership, and the development of a common EU branded tourism product will significantly increase the number of tourists.

The event, which was also attended by leading ministers from the Italian government, who are closely involved in training new tourism professionals, marks the positioning of the sector at the centre of government policies, with a corresponding major increase in its funding. ‘Because the interconnectedness and influence of tourism on other areas of the economy, and on relations between countries, is enormous,’ Zaritza Dinkova told them.

Vision, action, future are the three key words of this event, Minister Daniela Santanchè noted. ‘We need to shine the spotlight on the achievements in our sector, but also start planning together for the present and the future, taking into account the challenges and opportunities,’ Santanchè stressed.

The forum was also attended by tourism ministers from leading destinations, Senate President Ignazio La Russa and Piedmont Region President Alberto Ciro, as well as representatives from the business world and various

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