Minister Prodanov in Varna: There will be 16 less unguarded sea beaches this year

04 June 2022

“There will be 16 less unguarded sea beaches this year compared to last year, for another four beaches the legal procedures are to be completed and then they will also be managed.” This was announced by Minister Hristo Prodanov at a meeting in Varna with regional governors, mayors of municipalities and settlements, at which measures were outlined for the smooth running of the summer season on the Black Sea coast.

As of the moment, the regional governors of Burgas, Varna and Dobrich have awarded public procurements under the schemes approved by the Minister of Tourism for 40 unguarded sea beaches.

Among the most frequent problems encountered by regional governors and mayors of municipalities is unregulated camping, which leads to littering around the sea beaches. Currently the municipalities are spending money on cleaning the beach and the area around the unauthorized campsites.

In the coming months a round table will be held on the development of an ordinance on regulated places for free pitching of tents, caravans and campers, Minister Prodanov announced. The introduction of the new regulation will provide additional funds in the budget of the municipalities for the maintenance of the beaches.

Minister Prodanov also held a working meeting with concessionaires and tenants of beaches. “One of my goals is to establish a constructive dialogue and together identify measures to improve the quality of the tourist service in order to preserve Bulgaria’s image as a seaside destination,” Minister Prodanov said.

The new leadership in the Ministry of Tourism has introduced changes in the management of concessions on sea beaches through the new spatial regulations. Control in tourism will go to a new Directorate for Control and Inspection Activity, which will also control concession activity. “Concession, Rental and Regulatory Activity in Tourism” remains in a separate Directorate. “Until now, the two activities were focused in one common directorate, which united the procedures for concessions and rental of beaches and at the same time controlled them, which was incomprehensible to me”, Minister Prodanov commented on the reform.

Among the proposals made by the concessionaires are simplification of the administrative procedures for the annual programmes for water rescue activities in the absence of changes and circumstances, the possibility for students at the beaches to provide medical assistance due to the lack of sufficient doctors, and on how to conduct controls on the beaches.

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