Minister Prodanov participated in a commemorative ceremony in Sarafovo

18 July 2022

Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov visited Sarafovo Airport, where he participated in a commemorative ceremony in memory of the victims of the 18 July terrorist attack.

It is the 10th anniversary of the Burgas attack. A commemorative ceremony, candle lighting, wreath, and flower laying were held to honour the memory of the victims.

“Even today, 10 years later, I am shocked by this atrocity committed in a European country in the heart of one of our most beautiful cities. Such an act cannot be justified in any way”, Prodanov was adamant.

According to him, all of Bulgaria will not forget and mourns the victims of this inhuman act, which forced us out of our normal way of life and tried to impose on us a life of fear and insecurity.

“Terrorism and radicalism do not belong only to one religion and one region. We all have to fight them and the only way is to be more inclusive, more open to the world, more tolerant, not to betray the values for which we stand against terrorists,” Minister Prodanov further said.

Deputy Minister Prof. Mariela Modeva also took part in the commemorative ceremony.

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