Minister Angelkova checks up the readiness of Bansko for 2014-2015 winter season

11 December 2014

The Minister Tourism Nikolina Angelkova held another meeting prior to the opening of 2014-2015winter season. In Bansko, Angelkova talked with business representatives, concessionaries and institutions, responsible for the smooth running of the season. They assured the Minister that the resort is ready to host numerous Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Data obtained upon the inspections, which the control authorities have made so far, were announced at the meeting. According to the Commission for Consumer Protection, over 90% of the tourist sites being checked up in Bankso have been categorized and met the relevant legal requirements. The Commission has issued only 56 acts for administrative violations ordering a temporary sites closure. The resort’s readiness is supported by the conclusions of Security Police and other institutions as the National Revenue Agency, the National Customs Agency, Construction Supervision, Automobile Administration, Fire Safety, and etc. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency has inspected 201 sites and has issued 40 prescriptions, and only 9 acts for administrative violations, of which only 3 are related temporary closures. For the safety and health of tourists in Bansko, 2 teams of Food Agency and 15 ski patrols, as well as a permanent rescue team of Security Police will take care. Concessionaires assured that they are available to tourists and skiers will be provided with an emergency helicopter.

Angelkova told the audiences that on the new Ministry of Tourism home page a detailed information to help tourist has been already provided in the section "How do I ...“, where all hotlines and Internet addresses of control institutions, in case of need during the winter season, are listed. These data are incessantly available.

The industry representatives in their turn reiterated the need for timely changes in the regulations governing their activities in order to be able to work effectively. Angelkova clarified that two pressing ordinances for safety and information security of the ski slopes and the regulation on establishing a unified system for tourist information have already been under discussion.

Minister Angelkova assured the  businesses and institutions concerned by  the winter season, that their  regular meetings will be upcoming next months to ensure the smooth running of the season. A similar meeting in Pamporovo is subject to be held.

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