Minister Angelkova: The categorization and recategorization documents will also be filed electronically

20 March 2018

The Ministry of Tourism is working to make electronic the services, so that the categorization and recategorization documents may also be filed electronically. It is about the basic services at the Ministry of Tourism –categorization of accommodation locations and of catering facilities, of spa, medical spa and wellness centres, and the registration documents for tour operators and travel agents. This will further reduce the administrative burden for both businesses and citizens. Also set up was a Public Council under the Minister of Tourism, with changes in the categorization and recategorization legislation also scheduled for discussion. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Angelkova, in Velingrad during a meeting with representatives of the local government and tourism businesses in the area.

She emphasized that Velingrad’s award as the spa capital of the Balkans, which was bestowed in 2008 by the global industry organization of hoteliers and restaurateurs, IHRA, is very important to the municipality and the country. Minister Angelkova also congratulated attendees on the establishment of the Managing Organization of the Rhodope tourism region, which also includes Velingrad. This is the first such establishment in the country pursuant to the Tourism Act’s requirements, it will provide many new marketing opportunities for the region to showcase its tourism potential, addedMinister Angelkova.

She recalled that her institution has already established 8 cultural-historical destinations and has now developed jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture 12 wine-culinary destinations, which are presently discussed at roundtables country-wide, Pazardzhik Region being in one of them – Western Thrace. Velingrad will also feature actively in the upcoming 7 spa & medical spa destinations currently being developed, announced the Minister.

Velingrad Municipality is very active in the exhibitions where various parts of the country are promoting themselves with new visions. Digital marketing is an important focus in our policy and should be the next step in the operations of the managing organizations of tourism areas, it was made clear by Minister Angelkova. Special attention will be paid to municipalities identified as resort centres or national resorts, so that they may make use of priority funding.

Nikolina Angelkova recalled Bulgaria’s successful performance at the prominent INTURMARKET tourism fair in Moscow this month, where an invitation was extended to the Bulgarian mayors to more actively promote our countryas atourism destination offering high-grade tourism services in all four seasons. During the fair in the Russian capital, Oleg Safonov, head of the Russian Federation’s Federal Agency for Tourism, pointed out that Bulgaria is a preferred destination for Russian tourists. For us Russia is one of the 5 most important markets for incoming tourism, highlighted Minister Angelkova.

Upcoming amendments and additions to the Tourism Act will introduce a voluntary quality protocol in the sector, she said, adding that the institution was working on the public procurement to set up a Single Tourism Information System (STIS), which is to link real-time the hotel registers to the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of the Interior, the National Revenue Agency, and the municipal administrations. I believe that within 6 months we will demonstrate the system’s demo version, commented the Minister.

The Ministry of Tourism will support the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Velingrad being declared as the spa capital of the Balkans on September 1 and 2.

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