Interdepartmental group will work to promote Bulgarian tourism, culture and food

23 August 2022

A joint working group between the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Agriculture will discuss opportunities for promoting Bulgarian tourism, culture and agriculture in our country and abroad. This became clear at a meeting between the ministers Dr. Ilin Dimitrov, Prof. Veislav Minekov and Yavor Gechev.

Minister Dimitrov highlighted as a priority the need for full coordination between the institutions to promote Brand Bulgaria. “I am convinced that tourism, agriculture and culture should go hand in hand. We are launching a good cooperation with a roadmap for work over the next few months,” Minister Dimitrov said.

Participants in the meeting agreed to urgently set up an interdepartmental group with the participation of the three ministries, which will meet on a permanent basis. Part of her work will be to unify the protocol gifts of all ministries and institutions to promote our cultural heritage.

The working group will look at joint organisation of festivals and events related to culture, food and wine.

To support the digitization of tourism, an interactive map will be developed to combine all types of tourism, local food markets where every visitor can navigate. The unified tourism map will be part of the next improvement of the national tourism portal The three ministers agreed that the project will be joint.

The meeting was hosted by the Minister of Tourism, the next conversation between the three ministers will be at the Ministry of Culture.

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