Information for summer season 2022

12 August 2022

For the period 1 June - 25 July 2022, the total number of tourist registrations in accommodation facilities exceeds 1.8 million.

The domestic market is leading with over 990 thousand registrations of Bulgarians in accommodation facilities, followed by Romania - over 260 thousand, Poland - over 98 thousand, Germany - over 70 thousand, Czech Republic - over 56 thousand, UK - over 50 thousand, Israel - over 33 thousand, Moldova - over 29 thousand.

The Ministry of Tourism expects the 2022 summer season to finish at just over 80% of the 2019 summer season results.

 The war in Ukraine and the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, as well as the situation at airports in Europe with cancelled flights, have had an unprecedented impact and continue to have a negative effect on the travel and transport industry worldwide. Due to the combined impact of these negative factors, it is not entirely unlikely that overall tourism growth for the summer season will be below 10%. Despite these circumstances, growth from many major foreign markets is forecast to be double-digit. 

Markets such as the UK, Israel, Slovakia, Norway and others are expected to report strong growth compared to the 2021 summer season. For this summer season, better performance of scheduled flights at sea airports is expected for Poland with 38% growth, Czech Republic - 44% growth, Germany - 18% growth, Israel - 2 times growth and UK - almost 4 times growth of scheduled flights (according to data as of 27 July).

The number of scheduled flights remains dynamic due to various factors.

Data shows that the 2021 summer season was very strong for the domestic market. In summer 2022, the opportunities for Bulgarians to travel abroad are increasing, but many still choose to holiday in our country and the domestic market remains leading.

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