For the first time the working group for the creation of a single branch organisation in tourism held a meeting

08 September 2022

The first meeting of the working group between experts of the Ministry of Tourism and representatives of the tourism business was held for the elaboration of a law for a unified branch organisation. Deputy Minister of Tourism Prof. Mariela Modeva, who chaired the meeting, emphasized on conducting a constructive dialogue in the work for the creation of a nationally representative organisation to consolidate the industry. On behalf of Minister Ilin Dimitrov Prof. Modeva underscored that the goal is to make the unification happen without the Ministry of Tourism carrying out imperative actions or administrative coercion towards the participants in the working group.

“Over the years, attempts have been made to create a single industry organisation and the partnership of the sector has always been sought. The idea is to create preconditions for a normative act to be submitted to the future National Assembly,” the deputy minister said.

The concept of creating a single industry organisation involves collaboration with business and with higher education centres. “There are already models developed on the basis of projects, best practices abroad have been studied, which can be built upon and the best option for Bulgarian tourism can be found,” underscored Prof. Modeva. 

It was agreed that the Ministry of Tourism should provide the participants with a vision for a model for a single sectoral organisation in the short term, which should then be discussed by sector and proposals made. According to the participants, the model of unification sought should be based on the directions in the industry.

The working group with the participation of representatives of the sector was formed to implement short-term policies set out in the programme of Minister Ilin Dimitrov in the mandate of the caretaker government. By the end of September, a law for a unified branch organisation should be drafted, which should be submitted before the National Assembly convenes and support should be sought from the political parties.

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