A delegation of the Ministry of Tourism and Minister Ilin Dimitrov participated in the Sixth UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism in Alba, Italy

21 September 2022

A delegation of the Ministry of Tourism, led by Minister Ilin Dimitrov, participated in the Sixth Global Wine Tourism Conference of the UN World Tourism Organization in Alba, Italy. Minister Dimitrov took part in the central discussion - “Future of Wine Tourism”, where he expressed Bulgaria’s readiness to host one of the next wine conferences of the World Tourism Organization.

During the discussion within the forum, he presented his vision for the development of wine tourism in Bulgaria to the delegates of the forum and high-ranking political figures from established wine destinations such as Italy, Portugal, Georgia, San Marino, Moldova and Greece, with whom they were together on stage. Minister Dimitrov expressed the readiness of our country to present the best practices and products of our wine tourism and to show its great potential in this niche. Bulgaria attaches great importance to this event, which is a prime opportunity to present our tourism opportunities at the highest level within Europe.

“Bulgaria is in a unique position,” said Minister Dimitrov - “each of the countries represented in the panel has its own merits, but we combine almost all of them - we have the sea, beautiful mountains, good wine and many other wonderful things nearby that could attract many tourists and are a good reason to come and visit us,” the minister stressed. The fact that many do not know the advantages and prerequisites for the development of good wine tourism in Bulgaria is just a great opportunity to surprise you, said Minister Dimitrov.

During the talks, the main focus was on the fact that the development of wine tourism brings added value and contributes to the sustainable development of regions and communities, impacting all processes and elements of the chain. It is also a form of social communication. 

The main accents and messages in all discussions within the forum were precisely on sustainable development in tourism, the introduction of innovation and digitalization, as well as the interconnectivity of wine tourism and other hospitality-related industries.

Wine tourism and the consumption of the drink is part of the culture and all the rituals - it was commented that for the Italians wine is part of communication, for the Spaniards - part of the food culture, for the Greeks it is a symbol and part of the ritual.

Nevertheless, everyone agreed that it is part of the experience during a tourist trip, and when making wine, one of the most important things is the story behind it.

The main day of the Sixth Global Wine Tourism Conference ended with wine tastings and a trip on an old steam locomotive train to one of the famous wine locations located in the hills with vineyards around Alba.

The conference venue is one of Italy’s landmark venues, popular for its geographical association with the production of specific varieties of local wine and the extraction of truffles, which have become part of the local gastronomic tradition and a symbol of the Alba region.

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