On the day of the national holiday of Germany, the Ministry of Tourism signed a key strategic partnership document with GBITK for the promotion of Bulgaria

03 October 2022

The Minister of Tourism Dr. Ilin Dimitrov, the President of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GBCIC) Tim Kurt and the General Manager of the organization Dr. Mitko Vassilev signed an agreement on a strategic partnership in the field of tourism.

The signing was also attended by H.E. Irene Plank, temporary manager of the German embassy in our country. "The Bulgarian and German countries concluded a strategic partnership agreement and this provides an opportunity for the confirmation and wider promotion of the Bulgaria Brand. The signing of this document emphasizes the importance of the German market for Bulgarian tourism. There is also symbolism in setting the signatures today, because October 3 is a national holiday of Germany," Minister Dimitrov pointed out. According to him, the agreement builds on and expands the document signed in 2021 by the previous acting minister Assoc. Dr. Stella Baltova.

According to Dr. Mitko Vasilev, chief manager of the chamber, the potential for cooperation between the two countries in the field of tourism is huge and should be developed.

During the ceremony, it became clear that the goal is to unite the efforts of the public and private sectors, bearing in mind the important role of the partnership between institutions and non-governmental organizations in creating favorable conditions for the recovery and prosperity of one of the most affected sectors in the Bulgarian economy.  

The scope of the agreement includes promoting the exchange of information between Bulgarian and German tourism institutions and companies. The document provides for assistance from the chamber in organizing bilateral round tables and other events with a specific thematic focus. GBCIC, whose management is 30% owned by the German state, will provide support to the Bulgarian tourism attaché at the Bulgarian embassy in Berlin in meetings with the tourism industry, press conferences, organization of tourism information evenings.

In addition, the chamber may be invited to participate in trade shows of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism in Germany to present Bulgaria as a four-season destination. The non-governmental organization can assist in marketing activities and in the strategic orientation of the offer of health services, for example with medical associations, at medical congresses, for the preparation of publications in German health journals and others for the promotion of health services in Bulgaria.

Additionally, sustainable cooperation between government institutions will be developed through joint bilateral delegation trips.

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