The close proximity of the river Danube had always had a great significance for the development of the city from antiquity to the present day. The Roman military camp and fortress were established here in the 1st century AD. It had the name of Seksaginta Pristis –Port of the Sixty Boats.

One of the most interesting landmarks of the city of Ruse is the remains of the fortress Seksaginta Prista. It is situated in the north-west part of the city, on a small hill near the bank of the Danube river. The closed exposition presents the fortress scales, and a part of the finds can also be viewed in the historical museum of Ruse, where they are exhibited in a separate room.

One of the city symbols is the Building of the Tax Administration – a beautiful building in the center of Ruse. It was constructed in 1901-1902 and impresses the visitors with its wonderful façade and the seven figures on the roof.

Another significant place to visit is The Regional Historical Museum. More than 130 000 monuments of culture are stored in it. Among them is the Borovsko Thracian Treasure – a set of up to five silver ritual vessels dating back to the 4th century BC.