Tourist information and educational center and office of Focal point Danube - Vidin

Address: гр. Видин 3700, ул. "Баба Вида" №4

Tel.: +359 94 609 498

Fax: +359 94 601 117;

Services available:

1. Information of tourist sites, accommodation and catering in the municipality, available to visitors and tourists;

2. Reservations in accommodation and catering establishments;

3. Information on tourism resources of the region to tour operators, agencies, media, etc .;

4. Organizing a tour of the sights in the area with a guide;

5. Establishment of tourist programs, tours, packages, their implementation and distribution;

6. Participation in tourism fairs;

7. Creation of promotional materials;

8. Maintain a database to tourist resources and tourist centers in the country;

9. Develop, manage and control projects related to tourism development.