Conservation, information and visitor center – Durankulak

Address: 9670 с. Дуранкулак, общ. Шабла, обл. Добрич

Tel./fax: +359 5743 9293

Mobile: +359 887 308753, +359 888 476601


Services available:

  • Ornithological and nature excursions and tours to Durankulak lake, the northern coast of Bulgaria and Romanian Dobrogea (incl. Danube Delta);
  • Visits to the island "Big Ada" (Black sea archaeological park) in the Lake "Durankulak";
  • Conducting educational programs, training courses for specialized guides ornithologists, lectures on the topic of nature conservation, biodiversity of Coastal Dobrudzha, archeology, ornithology and botany, environmental and archaeological exhibitions.

The center has beds to accommodate visitors, researchers, students and others, equipped conference room of 55 seats for seminars and thematic meetings, terrace for observations of the lake and the sea, cafe, internet, table tennis, piano bar, TV, multimedia, parking, providing binoculars and telescope observations transport (all-terrain 4x4 vehicles) and bikes and any information about the region in Bulgarian, Russian, English and French.

Open year round.