Tourist information center - Chepelare

Address: 1A Dicho Petrov Str., Chepelare 4850

Tel.: +359 03051/81-78 and +359 882/362547

Fax: +359 3051/ 82-79 and +359 882/ 392710


Services available:

·       receives guests of the town (region) and acquaints them with the regional landmarks and the sites of interest to tourists;

·       provides up-to-date information about the available accommodation places and the prices of hotels and guest houses in the town and the municipality, as well as contact information;

·       maintains and regularly updates the data base of the categorized sites on the municipality territory;

·       maintains connections with the other Tourist Information Centers of the region and the country;

·       participates and renews the activity of the Regional Tourist Association “Rhodope”;

·       organizes the activities related to advertising and marketing of tourist products on the territory of the municipality and the region;

·       organizes trainings for raising the qualification in the area of tourism;

·       maintains resources library with regular editions;

·       coordinates the relations between tourist business and the local authorities in the municipality;

·       10 Organizes and conducts technical conferences at the contests as per the program of the sports calendar of the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports;

·       performs marketing and promotional activities.

Work time:

Monday - Friday: 8:30h -12:30h and 13:30h - 17:30h