The Student Svetoslava Tsekova became Minister of Tourism for a Day

25 March 2015

The 11th grade student from Sofia’s 23rd Frederick Jolio Curie High School Svetoslava Tsekova took over the Ministry of Tourism today as part of the initiative Manager for a Day, organized by Junior Achievement – Bulgaria. She was welcomed by her actual counterpart Minister Nikolina Angelkova and took part in the work meeting of the political cabinet where the ministry’s daily agenda was discussed. Svetoslava was accompanied by her schoolmates, Radostina Zlatinova who took over the post of deputy Minister Irena Georgieva, Lia Krasteva who replaced Deputy Minister Nadya Marinova and Christian Omayski who became Secretary General.

Minister Angelkova introduced the young managers to the structures and functions of the establishment. The schoolmates also took part in meetings with representatives of the business sector and other administrations. The students noted that work at the Ministry is both responsible and interesting.

Svetoslava has a business and entrepreneurship profile and is a human resources organizer in a Junior Achievement study company. Radostina studies macro- and micro-economy and has participated in the students’ camp “An alternative to the Kara Dere problem – a proposition for an innovative investment project”. Lia has basic skills in economics, accounting and company management. Christian specializes in market economy, accounting and entrepreneurship.

This is the 14th consecutive edition of the Manager for a Day initiative which this year attracted 2000 students and 3000 institutions and companies from all around country. The goal is to strengthen the link between the institutions, the business sector and young people. High school and university students experience one actual work day companies, state and municipal structures. The initiative happens worldwide with over 100 country-participants.

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