Minister Angelkova: 3300 sites are featured in the first ever online Register of the Tourist Attractions

08 September 2015

The first ever Online Register for Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria has been created and it highlights 3300 sites throughout the country, announced the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova. She stressed that all the information included in the Register has been submitted by separate municipalities and is subject to change as the data will be constantly updated.

“Only 14 out of 265 municipalities have failed to provide information”, added the Minister. Another 15 have declared that there are no registered attractions on their territory. “This shows that more efforts must be made so that the municipalities come to recognize the tourist attractions as a resource for the development of tourism and become more active in their promotion and management”, said Minister Angelkova.

The Register includes tourist attractions from all over the country, 1800 of them are state or public property and 930 have unspecified ownership. „There is still plenty to do in that respect and especially when it come to the unspecified ownership status of some of the sites”, Minister Angelkova added. This will be a stimulus for the municipalities to apply for EU funding under various operational programmes for the development of tourism infrastructure. Under priority Axis number 6 of Operational Programme “Regions for Growth” 2014-2020 municipalities can benefit of 100 million euro for tourist sites and cultural and natural heritage.

"During the trial period the Register will connect four municipalities and the 100 National Tourist Sites with Google, TripAdvisor and Wikipedia so that the users can quickly find any additional information about the attractions," said Minister Angelkova. There is also a link to the Register of Accommodation Places so that people could easily obtain information on the possibilities for accommodation within the municipality where the tourist attraction of their interest is located. The register will have several versions in foreign languages, though the headline foreign version will be the English one.

The new online platform is based on cloud technology which is already used by a number of ministries and 230 municipalities. All data is included in the National Register of Tourist Attractions and will be updated regularly. Municipality members will attend a training seminar for working with the Register so that they could learn how to operate and upgrade it themselves.

The cost for the creation of the Register amounts to 5000 leva and the contractor is “Orak Engineering” Ltd. The Online Register is available on: as well as on the Ministry’s website-




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