Centre of Cultural and Historical Heritage, Oryahovo

Address: Town of Oryahovo, "Cyril and Metodius" street, Ethnographic house

General Manager of Museum: +359 879 995 146

Centre Assistant: +359 877 191 352


The function of the Centre is to provide information for the inhabitants of the Municipality of Oryahovo and its guests through e-services as well as to ensure the necessary multi-media technical means for various target groups thus encouraging them to create cultural projects, including, as follows:

  • Research of historical and cultural landmarks;
  • Research of historical and cultural figures;
  • Creation of video clips presenting local rituals and traditions;
  • Video recordings of performances of folk songs and reconstruction of traditional rituals from the region as well as any projects related to the preservation and popularization of local folklore;
  • Organization of literary, photographic and video clip contests and multimedia presentations related to the cultural and historical heritage of the Municipality of Oriahovo and their coverage on the site of the Centre;
  • Public presentation of the winning works via multimedia devices in collaboration with the cultural institutions of the Municipality. The projects will be publicly displayed on the information site of the Centre in cooperation with the cultural institutions of the Municipality (community Centre, museum, art gallery).