Tourist Information Centre, Sandanski

Address: Town of Sandanski, 28 “Makedonia”str.

Tel./Fax: +359 884 898 9760; +359 882 050 176



Tourist Information Centre, Sandanski - 1

Address: Town of Sandanski, 5 “Skopie” str.

Tel.: +359 74 630 549

Fax:  +359 74 632 403



Provides information about:

  • Accommodation places and means of shelter in the town and the region
  • Restaurants, inns and other catering and entertainment establishments
  • Stores, drugstores, policlinics, medical centers, banks, exchange offices, gas stations
  • Offered services by the tourist companies in the town
  • Schedule of the transport lines to and from the town of Sandanski
  • Natural landmarks, cultural, historical and archaeological landmarks
  • Tourist attractions, events and cultural performances, hiking, bicycle and eco routes
  • Offers advertising materials about Bulgaria, Sandanski and the tourist sites in the municipality, as well as about other towns in the country
  • Draws up advertising and information brochures, catalogues about the town, the types of tourism and the tourist attractions in the municipality
  • Participates in the tourist exhibitions and markets
  • Participates in the organization of attractive events for the tourists and the guests of the town.