Information Centre, Shumen

Address: Town of Shumen, 17 “Slavyanski” Blvd.

Tel./Fax: +359 54 857 773



  • Free securing, updating and providing of schedules of transport means – trains, autobuses, airplanes, ships, etc.;
  • Paid reservations for transportation, accommodation, catering, visits of cultural, sports, etc.;
  • Paid tour guide services;
  • Paid computer /text processing, working with the internet, printing/ and copying services;
  • Paid distribution of all ties of tourist and cultural advertising materials – on paper media /leaflets, cards, postcards, brochures, guide books, albums, manuals, books, etc./, on electronic media /video, CD and DVD records/ and souvenirs, and works of arts and crafts;
  • Providing of motor vehicles, mini buses and buses for rent;
  • Paid intermediation for visiting and examining of ethnographic sites, Bulgarian folklore dances, music and rituals, and participation in courses for their studying;
  • Using an electronic advertising board within fixed terms;
  • Sale of phone cards and telephone tokens.