Tourist Information Center "BulgarTourist"

Address: 4002 Plovdiv, 7 Sveti Gorazd Street 

Tel.: +359 887 322367; +359 884 291 729   




Tourist information center provides:

  • Information about  natural, historical, religious attractions;
  • Information about  accommodation, and entertainment venues and other tourist sites;
  • Information about  transport infrastructure associated with specific tourist sites;
  • Information about package tours of touroperators and tour agencies;
  • Information about Tourist information centers in Bulgaria and Europe.

Additional tourist services and products:

  • At the request of individual travelers it could develop routes in Bulgaria and Europe with a detailed roadmap and various options for accommodation, sights of interest, attractions, entertainment venues and others;
  • Assists access to museums and other tourist attractions in Bulgaria and Europe;
  • Assists reservations, insurance, tickets to different events in Bulgaria and Europe;
  • Assists reservation of excursions offered by local tour agencies in Bulgaria and Europe;
  • Assists in hiring a tour guide, animator, guide, companion;
  • Performs advertising and intermediary services in the tourism industry.

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