The Trapezitsa Hill is the most important fortification of the inner city. It is located on the right bank of the river Yantra, northwest of Tsarevets Hill. Trapezitsa Hill is a natural fortress surrounded by the river.                                            

During excavation works in the beginning of the 20th century, archaeologists discovered the remains of at least 17 churches, each of them a beautifully decorated and playing role in Bulgarian history.

There are traces of paintings on the walls of the church. In 1195 Assen I carried from Sredets (Sofia) to Veliko Tarnovo the relics of St. Ivan Rilski and they were placed in the specially built church of Trapezitsa. The relics of St. Ivan of Rila were treasured for several centuries in one of the Trapezitsa churches before they were moved to the Rila Monastery. Evidence shows that Trapezitsa hosted the residences of rich and noble Bulgarians. They lived in spacious buildings with remarkable architecture.

Availability for visits: Paid, all year round, available guide

Transport accessibility: near the Centre of Tarnovo, Road

Tourist infrastructure: Alleys and signs, hotels and restaurants in the area. In the town of Veliko Tarnovo is working Tourist information center "Tsarevgrad Turnov".