Sveshtarska Tomb

The historical and archaeological reservation of Sboryanovo covers the territory in the west part of Ludogorsko Plateau, along the river valley of Krapinets river, between the villages of Malak Porovets and Sveshtari in the Municipality of Isperih. The most significant find on the territory of the historical and archaeological reservation of Sboryanovo is the Sveshtarska Thracian Royal Tomb. It was found in 1982 during excavations at Mound No 7 of the East Mound Necropolis of Sboryanovo (Ginina Mogila). It was constructed in the first quarter of the 3rd century BC and represents a unique monument of the Thracian tomb architecture. It has significant size. Its length is 7.5 m, its width at the façade is 6.5 m, and the height of the tomb chamber (on the inside) is 4.45 m. The tomb was constructed by large limestone blocks. It consists of a dromos (corridor) and three premises-chambers, as each chamber is covered by an individual arch.

The tomb decoration is within the spirit of the Hellenistic culture but it is transformed through the vision and beliefs of the Getae (a Thracian tribe). Due to its remarkable architecture and its artistic decoration, the Sveshtarska tomb is included in the list of global cultural inheritance of UNESCO of 1985.

Availability for visits: Paid, access is limited between March and November, the Tomb is closed on Monday and Tuesday; there are guided tours in English, Russian and German.

Transport accessibility: The Sborianovo National Historical and Archaeological Reserve is accessible by main road E-72 (Sofia-Varna) through the deviation at Targovishte on a second-class road through Razgrad (67 km) or through the deviation at Strazhitsa through Popovo and Razgrad (105 km); from main road  E-70 (Rousse-Varna) via Razgrad (40 km); from the second-class road Silistra-Shumen through the diversion at Dulovo (40 km). The nearest airports are in Varna (150 km) and Bucharest (140 km).

The tomb could be reached from the village of Sveshtari or Malak Porovets on a road crossing the Sborianovo Archaeological Reserve.

Tourist infrastructure: In Isperih municipality (around 7 km away) there is a Tourist Information Centre with parking lot, souvenir shops, information and promotional materials.