The park-museum „Vladislav Varnenchik”

The park-museum „Vladislav Varnenchik” is a memorial complex, situated in the center of the battlefield, in the middle of an unique park on an area of 30 decares. It is located at the western part of Varna at the place of the battlefield from 10.11.1444 , where the Polish- Hungarian King Vladislav Yagello lost his life.

In the exposition every visitor has the possibility to see :

  • arms and equipment from XV century, found on the battlefield (helmets, cross-bows, swords, shields, spears, etc.)
  • paintings, sculptures, prints and other works of art, dedicated to the battle of Varna
  • flags, models, tickets and coats of arms

On the territory there can be seen two Thracian mounds where a Thracian tomb from IV c. BC is situated. In 1935 a token mausoleum of the perished 20-year-old King Vladislav Varnenchik is built above it.

The museum is open to visitors in 1964 in honour of 520th anniversary from the battle of Varna between the Christian armies of the Polish- Hungarian King Vladislav III Yagello and the Turkish armies under command of sultan Murad II.

In 1964 is raised a monument of Yanosh Hunyadi - commander-in-chief of the King Vladislav’s army, Transylvanian leader, regent of Hungaria from 1446. The museum disposes with a hall for temporary exhibitions

The museum park with an area of about 30 decares is afforested with an unique vegetation and predisposes for a wonderful short relaxation.

The park-museum “Vladislav Varnenchik” is a branch of the National Museum of Military history – Sofia.


Availability for visits: Yes, free of charge, all year round, available guide.

Transport accessibility: Parking, Public Transport with bus station near it

Tourist infrastructure: alleys and signs.