Cult complex “Utroba cave”, village of Padartsi

The Utroba (Womb) cave is discovered in April 2001. It dates back to Thracian times. The place is deserted. There are some of the largest complexes of Thracian niches in the Eastern Rhodopes nearby (Nenkovo and Dazhdovnitsa villages). The Utroba (Womb) cave is situated at a distance of about 17 kilometers from Kardzhali. It is called this because of its shape, resembling a woman’s womb. Water constantly flows on the walls of the cave. An altar is carved in the southern inner end of the cave. The light projection in the entrance is moving along the walls and ground of the cave and synchronized with the Sun movement. It gets to its maximum at noon reaching the full length of the cave along its central axis up to a man-made altar resembling a female womb.

A complete ritual complex of sharapanas (rock niches for wine) is situated near the cave. The wine was used during rituals in the Utroba cave.


Availability for visits: Yes

Transport accessibility: Road from Kardzhali to Haskovo. Wooden ladder leads to the entrance of the cave.