Tourism for Inclusive Growth 2021: we celebrate September 27 – World Tourism Day

27 September 2021




I congratulate you on the World Tourism Day – September 27, which is celebrated for the 41st time under the auspices of the World Tourism Organization at the United Nations. For the second year in a row, we celebrate the holiday during a global pandemic, challenges and unprecedented pressure on the entire tourism sector.

As Minister of Tourism, I stand behind everyone working in the tourism business, so that we can work together to minimize the negative consequences for tourism in the most favorable way and to continue to build on what has been achieved before COVID-19.

I take this opportunity to thank all Bulgarian and foreign tourists who, despite the restrictions, chose our country for their vacation. Despite the dynamic and unpredictable environment, we can say that we end the summer season 2021 with optimism and hope that the viability of the sector is restored. Only in the period May – 10.09.2021, over 4 million tourists preferred our beautiful Bulgaria, which combines a palette of natural resources, ancient and rich cultural and historical heritage, hospitality, healing power and true diversity of the tourist product. 2021 is far more difficult for tourism than 2020. With the support of the state in preserving employment and supporting the tourism sector, and through the professionalism, dedication and entrepreneurial risk of the Bulgarian tourism business, we managed to restore 70 percent of the levels before the unprecedented crisis in tourism caused by the COVID-19 pandemic which we had in the summer of 2019. We have also achieved growth for summer tourism of 70% compared to 2020. A challenging winter season 2021/2022 awaits us, but with joint efforts, discipline and dedication we will ensure a safe and healthy environment on which our success depends.

The achievements of the Bulgarian business in the sector in this difficult period are only a small step on the way to building a modern, green, vibrant, innovative image of the Bulgarian tourism. I am convinced that we can and we will make more important and decisive steps on the existing path.

Because the main goal of tourism is to create emotion and experiences, to create beautiful and exciting memories for a lifetime in the life of each of us and to give us health and a sense of fulfillment. Moreover – because our homeland is extremely rich and beautiful.

The tourism industry is among the most powerful levers to stimulate the planet’s economy and I am sure that it is the tourism sector, although the worst affected by the pandemic, that will revitalize the economies and help create a better and more sustainable way of life. It is no coincidence that this year World Tourism Day is marked by the motto “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” – with the message that by developing tourism, we help every business – from the smallest in the community to the most global company on our beautiful planet. Finally yet importantly, tourism is what can bring curiosity and peace to even the most opposing cultures and societies. 

Thank you for your efforts during this difficult year. I believe that better times are ahead and together – business and state, we will find the right way to deal with each challenge. To say with a smile and pride to our future guests: “Welcome to my Bulgaria!”




Minister of Tourism

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