Success for Bulgaria: Our Country has been Elected as a Member of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization for the term 2023—2027

01 June 2023

Bulgaria has been elected as a member of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization for the period 2023—2027. Our country thus occupies one of the vacant seats for the ‘Europe’ region of the WTO Executive Board. Bulgaria was chosen after a controversial vote — at the beginning it was among the 5 countries with the highest score, but with the same number of points with Azerbaijan — 19. It came to the second round of the elections, where our country received 24 votes against 14 for Azerbaijan.

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Lithuania are the new members of the Executive Board who received support today.

The Executive Board is the operational governing body that ensures that the WTO delivers its work programme and adheres to its budget. A total of 35 countries are members of the EB (10 of them European), 34 of which are elected for a four-year term, while Spain remains a permanent representative.

Bulgaria was a member of the Executive Board of the Organization for the periods 1982-1985, 2004-2007, 2010-2013 and 2013-2017, and was currently among the candidates for membership in the new Executive Board for the period 2023-2027.

Our country is currently the Vice-Chair of the Europe Regional Commission of the WTO, with a term expiring in 2023.

Bulgaria's participation in international structures contribute to the country's image as a tourist destination that shares the Organization's vision in promoting competitive and sustainable tourism policies that define tourism as an engine for economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability.

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