Pan-European Channel Advertising of Bulgaria with a total of 442 million views

07 December 2015

Bulgaria launched a massive Pan-European Channel promotional campaign on Eurosport, Discovery Channel, Euronews and National Geographic Channel which has had an outreach of 442 million views from March till October 2015. This became clear from the campaign’s conclusive report which was presented in December.

Bulgaria’s TV promotion on all four Pan European channels was EU funded under Operational Programme “Regional Development” 2007-2013. Apart from the wide-range prime time broadcasting of the two video spots for Bulgaria - an image video and a video spot on cultural and heritage tourism in German, French, English, Russian, Spanish and Bulgarian. Crews have also visited the country to shoot additional footage. Euronews featured the annual Art Fest Apollonia in the ancient town of Sozopol in their popular LeMag culture programme.

The Eursport crew shot five live reports on the variety of sports that could be practiced in the country while National Geographic channel produced a video spot which focused on the natural assets and sites of Bulgaria. Image-making static and pre-roll banners were also published on the official websites of the Pan European channels.

These four TV channels actually cover almost all of Europe which remains a major market for Bulgaria as well as countries from the Near East, Africa and Asia.

Presentation of the Ministry of Tourism

Presentation of Lawrence Pavely of Discovery Channel

Presentation of Aurelli Quns of Euronews

Presentation of Melody Sany of Eurosport

Presentation of Matt Morgan of National Geographic


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