The Ministry of Tourism Participates at the International Tourism Exhibition in Munich, Germany

21 February 2023

The Ministry of Tourism organizes the participation of Bulgaria at the international tourism exhibition in Munich, Germany, which takes place in the period 22—26 February 2023. The Bulgarian information booth is on an area of 30 sq. m., where the Municipality of Varna, Odysseia-In Sport and Travel Ltd, Sunny Travel Club EOOD, Rhodope Extreme Adventure EOOD are also represented.

The International Travel Trade Fair, which is held annually in Munich in the second half of February, is one of the strong regional fairs that are international in nature but attract an audience from the respective area in Germany in which they are held.

The exhibition is representative for southern Germany and attracts the attention of the public from the provinces of Bavaria, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg as well as from the Salzburg region (Austria). Munich is the largest and most important travel trade fair for the province of Bavaria, which is characterised by one of the highest average per capita incomes. 

Traditionally, the interest in Bulgaria is in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the cultural, historical and natural riches that our country offers.

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