The Ministry of Tourism is implementing the Integrated Tourist Offer Project

30 August 2021

The Integrated Tourist Offer Project is under the Transborder Cooperation INTERREG-IPA CBC Bulgaria – Serbia Programme 2014-2020. It is implemented under specific objective 1.3 “People for people”. The total budget is EUR 117,431.27, and the part for the Ministry of Tourism amounts to EUR 59,944.92. The implementation period is 15 months from the grant agreement.

With the implementation of the project and by increasing the tourism income, the local population will regain higher motivation to participate in the development of the region and its resources.

The route of tourists and visitors who regularly travel to Sofia and Nis will also be enriched by the implementation of the Integrated Tourism Offer and will bring more specific opportunities for both local businesses and interested visitors who wish to extend their stay or to take advantage of the offers presented.

The main target group of the project are tourism professionals, organizations related to the tourism sector, local authorities and the population in the cross-border region of Nishava Pčinja, Kyustendil and Pernik.

The project had two main objectives:

∙ To create sustainable networks and partnerships in the cross-border region between tourism organizations, local authorities and other interested parties and those working in the tourism sector, through training and a common integrated tourism offer.

∙ To improve the visualization and public awareness of the tourism potential of the cross-border region through the use of a multimedia application.

The project helped train 16 representatives of the tourism sector in the stages of creating and marketing an integrated tourism product, presented in 8 concepts. After evaluation by a committee, the creators of 4 concepts continued with training to work in a digital environment – with online platforms and publishing on the Internet. Another interesting stage was the Round Table with representatives of national and local authorities from Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as local tourist organizations. The Integrated Tourism Offer Project was presented at two tourism festivals on the two sides of the border.

Within the initiative, a study of the cross-border region, a project website with a mobile app, and a video about the destinations of the final four concepts were developed. In order to promote the project and the cross-border area to future guests and potential tourists, promotional and information materials have been prepared, including a book on local legends and myths. With its implementation, the project puts the cross-border region stable on the tourist map of Serbia and Bulgaria.

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