Minister Stella Baltova at a working meeting with the tourism business: The mission of the Ministry of Tourism in this official cabinet is to restore the viability of the tourism sector in Bulgaria

20 May 2021

At a working meeting with the tourism business, the Minister of Tourism Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stella Baltova presented the priorities and goals of the official cabinet and the Ministry of Tourism. The discussion focused on the problems, threats and challenges facing the tourism business. The possibilities for their fastest and most adequate solution are also discussed.

The priorities and tasks set by Minister Baltova are in line with the ones outlined by the official government. It will work to strengthen the state through integrity, transparency and professionalism; will implement the agreements reached with the business as a result of the dialogue, especially with those affected by Covid-19; will make the transition to the 46th National Assembly; will ensure the proper functioning of the state until the next regular government and will ensure the holding of free, fair and democratic elections.

In this light, the mission of the Ministry of Tourism in this official cabinet is to restore the viability of the tourism sector in Bulgaria in the conditions of an emergency epidemic situation and to make tourism a national priority of the government. For this purpose, as her main priorities, the official Minister Stella Baltova outlines two things: first, the improvement of the policies for regulation of the tourist market and for administration of the tourist activity while preserving the health of the guests and workers in the sector and second, development of the national tourist advertising. and international cooperation in tourism to encourage tourists to choose Bulgaria as their destination.

There are several operational objectives for achieving the priorities. The Ministry of Tourism is already working actively to present Bulgaria as a safe, hospitable destination, using all communication channels; to provide adequate, accurate and relevant information necessary for business and institutions; to create conditions for a calm and secure environment for the functioning of the business and will place emphasis on active joint work with the Bulgarian foreign representations.

Within the budget at its disposal, the Ministry of Tourism will carry out and upgrade the planned digital marketing activities aimed at 18 target markets, will focus on zero-budget marketing and digital campaign on social media and google adds to the markets of Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Romania.

Especially important for the support of national tourism is the promotion of measures related to tourists. Bulgaria is part of the tourist destinations with a Safety and Hygiene Travel Stamp issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The stamp is a guarantee for tourists that Bulgaria is a safe destination in the conditions of Covid-19. It is important for tourists to have access to clear instructions for the operation of tourist sites in the conditions of danger of infection with Covid-19 in Bulgaria, agreed with the Ministry of Health and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. The rules for applying anti-epidemic measures in the tourist sites during the summer season 2021 will be observed. Priority vaccination of people employed in the tourism sector is also particularly important. Among the latest measures that will significantly relieve tourists is the Order of May 18th, 2021 of the Minister of Health, which allows children up to 5 years of age to enter the territory of Bulgaria without a PCR test, as well as the announced on May 19th, 2021 invitation for submission of tenders for public procurement with the final beneficiary the Bulgarian guides, conclusion of the contracts until June 15th and the subsequent advance payment of 50% under the contracts.

In her work, Minister Stella Baltova will rely on the expertise and competence of the team of the Ministry of Tourism, the creativity, strength and wisdom of the tourism business, the experience of municipal and regional administrations, as well as the support of the Bulgarian media.

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