Minister Prodanov held working meetings with the Association of Incoming Agencies in Bulgaria and the Association of Bulgarian Tour operators and Travel Agents

07 January 2022

On 06.01.2022 and 07.01.2022, at the invitation of the Minister of Tourism, informal meetings were held at the Ministry of Tourism with the representatives of the tourism business in our country.

On 06.01.2022, the meetings with the Association of Incoming Agencies in Bulgaria and the Association of Bulgarian Tour operators and Travel Agents were held. The problems of the branch and the joint future work were discussed.

Minister Prodanov said that it is important for the sector to be united, because in this way, both the sector and the industry will be stronger and more authoritative and it will be easier to achieve the common goals. In this regard, it is particularly important that decisions are taken in common forums and supported by all. It is important for the ministry to have a clear idea of ​​where and how it can help, and the aid should focus on really significant business issues. It was agreed to organize a small working group with representatives of the sector and the ministry in order to be able to solve problems faster and better. The countries agreed that Bulgaria’s advertising be in accordance with the needs of the market and the opinion of the sector.

The model of the guarantee fund, the aid under measure 60/40, as well as the 35 euros per seat, which is currently suspended, were discussed at the meeting. Minister Prodanov said that all efforts will be made to restart the measure, and it is expected that by the end of this month, the bills submitted to the National Assembly will be adopted and the payment of the promised aid will be launched as soon as possible.

On their part, the industry representatives shared concerns about the insecurity and unpredictability in the country. They expressed their opinion that the orders issued by the Minister of Health in connection with restrictions related to the pandemic situation must have sufficient time for enforcement. When the deadline is at the last moment, without a grace period, the industry is extremely negatively affected. This uncertainty on the one hand has a negative effect on the country’s image and on the other hand leads to serious financial losses. Some of the problems to be solved are the lack or poor quality of the infrastructure, the aggravated visa regime, the representation abroad.

Minister Prodanov said that the purpose of these informal meetings is to hear first-hand about the problems in the industry so that the Ministry of Tourism can know how to most effectively help the sector. Meetings with the representatives of the tourism sector are forthcoming.

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